Break Time Snacks

Break Time Snacks

Break Time Snacks and Desserts

Choose 3 of the following break time snacks: $6.50 per person

• Individual Bags of Assorted Potato Chips • Chips and Dip
• Assorted Dessert Bars
• Vegetable Tray with Ranch Dip

• Fresh Fruit Tray with Yogurt Dip • Whole Fresh Fruit

• Assorted Cookie Tray
• Domestic & Imported Cheese Tray with Crackers

• Giant Warm Pretzels with Spicy Mustard on the side • Individual Bags of Popcorn

• Granola Bars
• Assorted Candy Bars

• Gummi Bears
• Nachos with Spicy Salsa

• Bridge Mix (Assorted Chocolate covered Nuts & Candies) • Chex Mix®

• Individual Serving Size Bags of Trail Mix

Coffee and tea with cream and sugar will be made available during break times, as well.


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