Movie Night

Monday 7 pm

Free movie and popcorn for everyone!

Big screen presentation in our Panoramic Lobby. Selections are G to PG-13. 

Callie's offers drinks and pizza so why not make it a date night, too!


The Inn at Market Square is not your typical hotel! We understand that being away from home, especially for an extended time, can be difficult.  Our Events Director has put together a variety of free actvities during the week to encourage guests to mingle, share their stories, laugh, sing or even learn a new skill.  

On occassion, we do arrange group outings or on site classes that may require a nominal fee, but the activity will always be offered at our cost.

"Being at Market Square made me see I wasn't alone in my journey. I laughed so hard and made new friends. Can't wait to come back next month to play Candy Bar Bingo!" - Sylvia Jensen